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Elevate Your Practice to Elite With a Dynamic, Practice-Boosting Certification Exclusive to the Sana Institute


Aspire to Greater Heights and Create Lasting
Change with The Sana Institute’s Certified
Pain Resolution Specialist Program

Created for visionary holistic healthcare professionals, The Sana Institute's Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program is the ONLY certification in microcurrent pain resolution and The Hache Protocol worldwide. This certification isn't just a game-changer for your patients but can also skyrocket your practice's revenue by up to 10K monthly.

The brilliance? You don’t even need to be the one performing the microcurrent therapy treatments. Elevate your top team members to elite status in this groundbreaking field, and prepare for a healing revolution. 

Read on to unlock the future of pain resolution...And potentially YOUR future legacy in the holistic healthcare industry. 

The Next Chapter in Modern Medicine? A Holistic Approach.

“Nearly 4 in 10 adults and about 1 in 9 children in the US are now using holistic health approaches.”

– National Institutes of Health

Top 5 Reasons Our Students Take the Certified
Pain Resolution Specialist Certification

Welcome to the Future of Holistic Chronic Pain Management!

Here are the top 5 reasons our students take the Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Certification:


The world's only course dedicated to microcurrent therapy for chronic pain management. Carve a niche in the competitive healthcare market by mastering a skill few possess but many need.

Expert Instructors

Learn from top industry experts in the field of microcurrent therapy.

Flexible Learning

100% self-paced learning to cater to busy practitioners and thought leaders.

Be the ONE to Service a DEEPLY Underserved Market

Patients are looking for drug-free pain management solutions that WORK. Be the one to provide it to them.

Expanded Patient Base

Attract a broader range of patients seeking specialized care in holistic chronic pain management using microcurrent therapy.

Elevate your practice and redefine pain therapy by joining our certification program today.


DID YOU KNOW...Chronic Pain Affects Over 1.5 Billion People Worldwide and Continues to Rise?

For years, the go-to solutions have been addictive pharmaceutical drugs, painful injections, and invasive surgeries. However, a new option for relief has emerged through the advancements and increasing mainstream acceptance of holistic solutions like microcurrent therapy and The Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution™.






Unlike traditional pain treatments, microcurrent blends Western and Eastern Medicine to look holistically at the body and resolve issues at the root. The Sana Institute's Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program is a comprehensive training program that teaches top-performing holistic health professionals the five interactive elements that help your clients naturally manage and alleviate chronic pain.

Shocking Chronic Pain Facts

Let’s look at some statistics behind the chronic pain problem.


According to the CDC, Over 50 million adults in the U.S. alone suffer from chronic pain, roughly 1 in 5 individuals. Many of these cases go untreated or undertreated, suffering in silence for years.

Opioid Crisis Link

Chronic pain is a significant driver for opioid use. Regrettably, opioids can result in addiction and overdose deaths, with over 70,000 Americans succumbing to drug overdoses in 2019, most of which involved an opioid. (Source: CDC)

Subpar Conventional Solutions

Today, major organizations, including the American College of Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, advocate for a greater emphasis on nonpharmacological therapies for chronic pain, shifting away from opioids as the primary solution. (Source: Association of American Medical Colleges)

With these alarming statistics in mind, it becomes clear why The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program stands to improve countless lives. Ready to be a part of the evolution of the next generation of holistic health practitioners? 


What If You Could Deliver Results Like This For Your Clients?

The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist program from The Sana Institute teaches you how to use microcurrent, nutrition, and approachable lifestyle changes like sleep hygiene, fitness, and stress management, collectively called The Hache Protocol For Pain Resolution™, for results like this:


“Microcurrent and The Hache Protocol have been my saving grace since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s gotten me almost completely pain-free and entirely off of medications! I recommend it to everyone I know.”

“My wife has Parkinson’s disease, and microcurrent therapy has immensely improved her quality of life.” 

“I used microcurrent to work on my abdominal adhesions from two C-Sections. After my first treatment, I reduced my pain from a 7 to a 4, and it stayed there! I have been further reducing the pain and feeling less tight with every treatment since. I only wish I had found this sooner!

“My wife has Parkinson’s disease, and microcurrent therapy has immensely improved her quality of life.”

Outcomes like these are entirely possible for your patients when you have the proper training and support. We’re here to make that happen! 

Here's an example of some conditions our clients and practitioners have reported successfully treating with The Hache Protocol™: 

Back and spinal pain
Fractures and sprains
Sports injuries
Carpal tunnel
Tennis elbow

Nerve injuries
Headaches and migraines 

Post-surgical pain
Kidney stones
Anxiety and depression


See What Top Holistic Doctors Are Saying About The Sana Institute

Paul Short, M.D., DNM

"I Have More Patients Than I Can Handle, and I Continue to Fix Every One of Them."

“I've been working with microcurrent therapy for 20 years and I've been trained by all the greats in different methodologies. Until I came across Dr. Rob and Pain Free For Life I didn't realize what I was missing. Microcurrent as I've been taught by Dr. Rob can solve ANY problem, and it doesn't have to be complicated. This technology has made it so that I can solve everything my patients throw at me (even if it takes a bit of time). I was worried at first, as patients got fixed and didn't need to come back - 'what does that mean for my business' I thought! - well, apparently it only means the word has spread. I have more patients than I can handle, and I continue to fix every one of them.

As myself and my colleagues prepare to start a second clinic early in 2024 in a neighboring city, I expect that The Sana Institute will have brought more greatness forward to the world of energy medicine as they continue to innovate the medical landscape. We dream of a future in which no one is sick, and no one feels pain. I want to let everyone know that it doesn't have to be a dream with these teachings. It's already here.. And YOU can be a part of it.”

Stanley Neilson, DAC

"If You Are Looking at Studying This Therapy, Know That You Will Not Regret It"

“When I was first told about microcurrent therapy at a conference, I did not believe what I was hearing. My colleagues told me that they could enhance the effects of the acupuncture they were doing by adding microcurrent stimulation to the needles. I've been doing acupuncture for 20 years, and I hadn't thought there was a way to improve my results. I started with one device, and I now have ten! Microcurrent improves the overall health of my clients and has resolved practically everything that I've had thrown at me.

I now advocate for anyone who will listen to try this miracle technology. If you are looking at studying this therapy, know that you will not regret it. The body IS electric, and this is the medicine of the future.”

Sheila Whitehouse, DC

“Happy Pain-Free Patients and a Huge Increase in Word-of-Mouth Business”

“Microcurrent therapy, as taught by Dr. Rob Vanbergen, has helped me resolve not only my own chronic arthritis and avoid a full hip replacement surgery (which no doubt would have heavily impacted my career) but also improves everything I do in my chiropractic practice. I still do physical manipulation as needed, but 80% of the treatments I do now use my Avazzia Life Pinnacle, and the results speak for themselves. Happy pain-free patients and a huge increase in word-of-mouth business for me.

As I look to the future of my practice I am excited to see the advancements being made in the microcurrent world and the education being offered by The Sana Institute. To anyone considering taking up the mantle, I would highly encourage you to do it. If you are someone wanting to start a practice or just help build your existing one, the education you will find here will be an incredible asset to you and to your future patients.”

A Curriculum Designed to Propel You to the Forefront of Holistic Health Care

Dive into the rich history of frequency medicine, exploring the potential applications of technologies like microcurrent, neurofeedback, electro-acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field, and scalar energy.

Delve deep into professional ethics and the holistic needs of the body through the multi-faceted Hache Protocol, gaining proficiency in nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep optimization, and microcurrent treatment.

Develop business acumen alongside your clinical skills, readying you to foster change in the holistic healthcare industry with a solid foundation and visionary approach.

Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program Outline

As a Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program student, you will learn about the history of frequency medicine and the applications of microcurrent, neurofeedback, electro-acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field, and scalar energy. 

This program also contains in-depth training on professional ethics and the holistic needs of the body as taught through the Hache Protocol, including nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep enhancement, microcurrent treatment, coaching, and even business skills.

100% self-paced certification program with extensive course texts, training videos, quarterly Q&A sessions, and more!

Section 1

Microcurrent Applications


Learn about the “mechanism of microcurrent” through an introduction to the networks within our body that harness energy medicine. This topic explores: What microcurrent is, what microcurrent can accomplish, the four key disruptions in the body, fascia, meridians, and the body electric and how microcurrent fixes these disruptions.

MCT-102 – Basic Microcurrent Applications

Basic Microcurrent Applications introduces students to the basics of microcurrent device use, the history of microcurrent and its inner workings, and the electrical biology of the individual. Here is where you learn core protocols and techniques used to resolve pain at its root.

MCT-222 – Advanced Microcurrent Applications

Advanced Microcurrent Applications expands on the concepts taught in MCT 101 by discussing neurofeedback, electroacupuncture, and the relationships between energy, meridians, and chronic inflammation. This course focuses on client assessment to determine how to best assist them in achieving their health goals.

Section 2

The Hache Protocol 

SI-101 through SI-104 focus on four of the five elements of the Hache Protocol that are designed to optimize body terrain and allow the body to initiate its innate healing response.

SI-101 – Diet & Nutrition

This course delves deep into the critical role of diet and nutrition in fostering optimal health. Learn to guide others in nourishing their bodies at the cellular level through balanced eating habits and effective supplementation strategies, fostering a harmonious microbiome environment.

SI-102 – The Medicine of Movement

Discover the transformative power of movement in enhancing overall health. This course equips students with knowledge and techniques on fundamental exercises and stretches, emphasizing activities that aid individuals experiencing pain to boost circulation and prevent muscle deterioration, thus alleviating discomfort.

SI-103 – Stress Management

Master the art of stress management with this comprehensive course that explores the link between stress and inflammatory responses in the body. Gain insights into the placebo and nocebo effects on the nervous system and acquire techniques to assist clients in reducing stress levels for improved well-being.

SI-104 – Sleep Enhancement

Become proficient in drug-free sleep enhancement, understanding the vital role of rest in maintaining individual health. Learn how to identify and address sleep dysfunctions holistically, assisting clients in mitigating the adverse effects of sleep debt for rejuvenated health.

HC – 101 - Coaching and Communication Skills

Modern practitioners must develop essential coaching and communication skills to excel as Pain Resolution Specialists. This course outlines the foundational requirements of the role, emphasizing legal considerations, client confidentiality, professional behavior, and the significance of self-care in maintaining a successful practice.

HC – 102 – Professional Ethics

Sharpen your understanding of ethics in professional practice with this vital course that covers responsibilities, record-keeping, maintaining professional standards, efficient time management, and effective communication skills, cultivating a practice that upholds the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Section 3


This section introduces you to the next level of energy medicine. Here, we'll focus on two promising techniques, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Scalar Energy, which have been showing excellent results in improving overall wellness and managing chronic pain.

EM – 200 – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

In this course, you will be introduced to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), a breakthrough approach in energy medicine. You'll learn about the science that powers PEMF and how it can help people feel better and heal more naturally. This hands-on module guides you in effectively using PEMF therapy in your practice, showcasing how to adapt it to meet the individual needs of your clients, ensuring better outcomes and heightened satisfaction.

EM – 201 – Scalar Energy

This course takes you on a journey into the world of Scalar Energy, an area rich with potential yet relatively unexplored in mainstream healthcare. Here, you'll learn the basics of scalar energy, understanding its origins, features, and the remarkable health benefits it can offer. This module, which combines theory with practice, equips you with the skills to integrate scalar energy treatments into your services, providing a unique and potent addition to your wellness toolbox.

Upon completing these courses, you'll be ready to expand your practice with innovative and effective techniques, offering fresh and personalized solutions to clients seeking a holistic approach to their health and wellness. 


Learn More About Our Tuition Options and Payment Plans.


Adding Holistic Pain Resolution Specialization to Your Current Practice?

Elevate Your Business with Holistic Pain Resolution Specialization

Are you an elite professional seeking to further magnify your impact and expand your practice? Becoming a Certified Pain Resolution Specialist is not only a pathway to personal fulfillment but also a lucrative strategy to enhance your current business.

Make it a team effort! You can increase your practice's growth by training your assistants in this specialization, creating an entire team proficiently offering comprehensive pain resolution services.

Whether you're a:

  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Medical Doctor
  • Holistic Dentist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
  • Massage Therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Elite Athletic Trainer

And many other disciplines that embrace holistic solutions...

You are a prime candidate for adding a holistic pain resolution specialization to your credentials and service offerings. 

Why Study at The SANA Institute?

It all starts with why we founded the Institute…

At The Sana Institute, we are committed to providing an education that stands at the pinnacle of holistic healthcare training. Elite education in this field should be state-of-the-art, specialized, and tailored to each student's unique needs and aspirations. That is why we offer a 100% self-paced learning environment where you have complete control and ownership of your educational journey, allowing you to shape a future in a space that celebrates diversity and individualism.

Our approach to education goes beyond just curriculum; it extends to a seamless and supportive enrollment experience, understanding that the modern leaders in holistic healthcare are busy people. From start to finish, our dedicated admissions team is here to guide every step of your journey, with the ultimate goal of helping you ascend to the top 1% of holistic healthcare practitioners globally.

By choosing The Sana Institute, you gain access to

Custom-Tailored Education

At The Sana Institute, you are not just another student, and we’re not just another learning institution. We recognize your unique needs and aspirations and offer certifications catering to your goals and dreams. Come shape your future in a space that celebrates diversity and individualism.

Exclusive Curriculum

The Sana Institute offers groundbreaking certification programs created by pioneers in the holistic health field. Our curriculum gives you unprecedented access to these holistic health techniques, protocols, and strategies, positioning you at the top of your industry.

Unparalleled Expertise

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Our faculty is a powerhouse of knowledge committed to your success. Tap into their expertise to carve a niche in the alternative wellness space that resonates for years to come. 

Flexible Learning Paths

Your pace, your rules. Enjoy the freedom to navigate your educational journey at a rhythm that suits you. With 100% self-paced learning modules, we put the control in your hands, facilitating a learning experience that complements your existing obligations and lifestyle.

Network of Like-Minded Visionaries

Join a vibrant community of forward-thinkers who share your passion for transforming the healthcare landscape. Forge connections, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and be part of a network that's reshaping the wellness world, one innovative step at a time.

Nationally Accredited Programs

Elevate your profile with certifications that carry  credibility. Our nationally accredited programs are how the top 1% of holistic healthcare practitioners are staying on the cutting edge of alternative wellness, opening doors to opportunities that redefine what success looks like.

Join us at The Sana Institute and become part of a movement committed to improving global health and wellness through innovative and alternative care approaches.


Before enrolling, let’s make sure you select the program option that aligns best with your needs!

We've tailored two distinct paths for you to choose from:

Certified Pain Resolution Specialist


For students already equipped with an Avazzia Life Microcurrent Device.

Student’s receive:

Over 400+ hours of exclusive course content. Learn techniques taught NOWHERE else in the world.

Invaluable insights from case studies and a supplemental suggested reading list.

11 reference-worthy course textbooks to aid your studies.

Lifetime access to course material, ensuring you can revisit it anytime.

An exclusive entry to our Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Student Facebook Group, connecting you with peers and experts.

Quarterly Live Q&A Sessions with Sana Institute Faculty, including Dr. Rob Vanbergen.

A printed certificate upon graduation, testifying to your expertise.

Eligibility for CEUs**


  • 1 Year of Access to the Hache Protocol Private Membership (including Private Group and Training Library) ($997 Value)
  • Benefit from an entire year with your very own dedicated Treatment Coordinator, hand-in-hand crafting effective treatment plans for both you and your clientele! (PRICELESS)


12 Payments of $450

$5,400 TOTAL




(Pay in Full and SAVE 20%!)


Certified Pain Resolution Specialist

- COURSE + Device bundle -

For students who need an Avazzia Life Microcurrent Device.

Student’s receive:

Over 400+ hours of exclusive course content. Learn techniques taught NOWHERE else in the world.

Invaluable insights from case studies and a supplemental suggested reading list.

11 reference-worthy course textbooks to aid your studies.

Lifetime access to course material, ensuring you can revisit it anytime.

An exclusive entry to our Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Student Facebook Group, connecting you with peers and experts.

Quarterly Live Q&A Sessions with Sana Institute Faculty, including Dr. Rob Vanbergen.

A printed certificate upon graduation, testifying to your expertise.

Eligibility for CEUs**

Bundle includes:

Avazzia Life Evolution Microcurrent Device Kit:

This cost-effective microcurrent device is a favorite among top practitioners globally.

A DELUXE Accessory Kit:

Contains all essential accessories that practitioners need to address a wide range of ailments.


1 Year of Access to the Hache Protocol Private Membership (including Private Group and Training Library) ($997 Value)


Benefit from an entire year with your very own dedicated Treatment Coordinator, hand-in-hand crafting effective treatment plans for both you and your clientele! (PRICELESS)



(Pay in Full and SAVE 20%!)


**Please be aware individual certifying bodies might accept or decline CEUs based on their criteria. However, CEUs by TSI are generally widely acknowledged.

Please Note:

  • Owning an Avazzia Microcurrent Device is essential for the Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program. 
  • The Avazzia Life Genesis Device isn't suitable for this program due to its limitation on specific frequencies needed for Vagus nerve stimulation.

Need help? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-557-8007.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Embarking on a new path often raises a few questions - and we're here to help clear them up! We've gathered some of the most common queries from people just like you looking to dive into this rewarding venture. So go ahead, browse through, and ease into your journey with peace of mind.

What is the Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program?

The Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program is a certification program offered by The Sana Institute that trains individuals to become qualified specialists who can help clients overcome pain without using drugs, surgery, or lengthy recovery periods through The Hache Protocol and Microcurrent Therapy. You will be able to be certified as a HHP (Holistic Healthcare Professional), meaning you have the opportunity to treat patients. 

What will I learn in this program?

In this program, you will learn how to treat your clients by incorporating various healing modalities, including Microcurrent Application, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and more. You'll also learn the basics of how to create a successful pain resolution business.

What are the prerequisites for joining the program?

There are no prerequisites for joining the program. Anyone passionate about health and wellness can enroll. 

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is self-paced, so the duration depends on how much time you can devote to it. On average, it takes 6 months to complete.

What kind of support will I receive during the program?

You will receive support from experienced instructors who are industry-leading Pain Resolution Experts/Educators. You'll also get access to case studies, a collection of insightful course texts, and additional resources to enjoy for life. 

What kind of career opportunities are available after completing the program?

After finishing the program, you can start a pain resolution business or add Microcurrent and The Hache Protocol to your existing services to attract more clients. Consider adding the Microcurrent Business Accelerator program to your certification for a business-in-a-box. 

Questions About the Program? Talk with an Advisor Today!


Or call all us toll-free at 1-888-557-8007. 

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