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Elevate Your Practice to Elite: Become a Top 1% Holistic Health Practitioner with The Sana Institute.

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Learn How to Amplify Your Impact and Significantly Boost Your Practice at The Sana Institute. 

In an industry where offering stellar solutions, service, and standing out is paramount to success, The Sana Institute introduces a transformative webinar designed to catapult top-tier holistic health practitioners into the pinnacle of their field. Our certification programs not only function to enhance your practice but to redefine it, setting you firmly within the top 1% of practitioners worldwide.

Let this transformative journey, guided by our founder, Dr. Rob Vanbergen, DNM, Ph.D., be your starting place! 

Ready to Elevate Yourself to the Top 1% of Holistic Health Practitioners?

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In this webinar, discover:

The Holistic Health Horizon

Navigate the fresh opportunities and trends shaping the holistic health landscape.

Unique Practice Differentiators

Unearth strategies to distinguish your practice in a competitive market.

Roadmap to Growth

Unveil methods for sustainable growth and revenue boost.

Expand and Impress

Techniques to enhance your services, ensuring client satisfaction and retention.

Course Spotlights

Dive into our signature certifications - the Certified Microcurrent Aesthetics Practitioner Program, Flagship Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Program, and Microcurrent Business Accelerator for Wellness Professionals Program.

CEU Opportunities

Elevate your expertise with our Continuing Education Units (CEUs), tapping into wisdom from top industry leaders.


Join us for a webinar that provides more than insights—it gives you a clear pathway to elite status in holistic health, paving the way for a legacy that resonates.

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Rob Vanbergen, Board Certified
Doctor of Natural Medicine

Rob earned his bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences from Quantum University in Hawaii in 2019. In 2021, he attained a groundbreaking Doctorate of Natural Medicine and a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, pioneering a dissertation focused on the non-invasive Microcurrent Vagus Nerve Stimulation for inflammation resolution.

To inspire others, Dr. Rob initiated The Pain Free For Life Podcast in early 2022. There, he engages with influential thought leaders and advocates, fostering awareness about critical health issues. In 2023, Dr. Rob's book, "The Hache Protocol," achieved Wall Street Journal Best Seller status. Beyond podcasting and writing, he actively participates in speaking engagements on holistic pain resolution and offers consultations to healthcare practitioners aiming to enhance their practice using Microcurrent Therapy.

Elevate Your Practice to Elite



Elevate Your Practice to Elite: Become a Top 1% Holistic Health Practitioner with The Sana Institute

Ready to Innovate and Prosper? Learn  How to Serve Your Clients and Patients Better While Unlocking Lucrative Revenue Streams with The Sana Institute!

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