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It’s a new era of holistic healthcare, where innovation meets tradition, and success is a journey shared by all.

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A New Paradigm in Elite Natural Health Education

In a sea of mediocrity, The Sana Institute emerges as the beacon of excellence in holistic healthcare education. We are where modern holistic health innovations synergize seamlessly with the rich wisdom of time-honored healing traditions.

The result? An exciting new breed of healthcare leaders and trailblazers that stand out in their industry.

Is that you? If yes, understand that studying at The Sana Institute isn't just a decision; it's a hallmark of prestige. It signifies your profound comprehension of holistic well-being. Our courses are carefully curated to amplify your potential and build upon your existing base of knowledge and lived experience as an expert in your field.  

By choosing a Sana Institute Education, you’re not just investing in an education but a brighter, more prosperous future for you and your clients. Don’t miss the unmatched opportunity to carve a niche in the holistic healthcare industry that reverberates for decades to come. 

Join us and build your legacy. At The Sana Institute, YOU symbolize holistic healthcare's promising future.

Explore our World Class Certifications 

See How The Sana Institute is Leading the Evolution of Holistic Medicine With Our Flagship Programs

Certified Pain Resolution Specialist

Our flagship program is the Certified Pain Resolution Specialist. This Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Program (HHP) is eligible for CEUs. It is designed to train top-tier healthcare professionals using holistic and natural approaches like Microcurrent Therapy and  Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution ™. 


Microcurrent Business Accelerator 

Prepare to unlock the powerhouse secrets of business strategy and management exclusively crafted for microcurrent therapy practitioners, brought to you by the world-renowned business strategist and expert, Kelly O’Neil. It’s time to redefine success for your practice or clinic with microcurrent.


Certified Microcurrent Aesthetics Practitioner 

We are currently developing a Certified Microcurrent Aesthetics Practitioner Program to redefine the holistic aesthetics industry. This program is being designed by Dr. Lorry Hache, the creator of the Cellular Makeover™ and Microcurrent Facial! 


The Sana Institute Admissions Process

At The Sana Institute, we have a simple yet thorough admissions process to help you identify your path to an elevated career. 

From requesting information to enrolling in our programs, our team of expert Admission Advisors will be there to guide you every step of the way. Keep reading to discover how to achieve your goals with The Sana Institute.

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The Sana Institute difference

Forge Your Legacy with The Sana Institute

As forerunners in alternative wellness, we create educational programs that are nothing short of revolutionary, leading you toward a prominent position in the natural healthcare world.

At The Sana Institute, every learning experience is personalized, allowing you to carve out a distinctive path at your pace, guided and nurtured by a team deeply invested in your success and growth.

Join a community that is not just ahead of its time but setting new standards. Make your mark with The Sana Institute.

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Immerse Yourself In The World of The Sana Institute 

The future of healthcare is being rewritten, and you have the opportunity to be at the helm of this revolution. At The Sana Institute, we are cultivating leaders who will redefine the dimensions of wellness and holistic healthcare for decades to come.

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